We’d like to introduce the youngest Burgundian you ever did meet: Cem. The first thing about him that you need to know is how to pronounce his name. It’s Jam, as in Jamboree, or Jim with an a. The second, more important thing you need to know about this enterprising young man is that he only has 2 gears in his arsenal. High speed, and hibernation. When he works, he works hard. Aim to shoot, shoot to score. From working in hospitality, to selling high-end furniture: this guy doesn’t mess around. However, when it’s time to sleep, he will happily snooze for over an hour. Because when it’s time to relax, he relaxes hard too. Drink in hand, snack in mouth, shoes off, feet up. Enjoying the good life like he was born for it. Plus he bronzes like a pro. Lastly, probably the most important one, Cem knows what he wants. And he is not afraid to go after it.

Cem will be assisting clients, writing orders and visiting showrooms and dealers all over the country.

Send Cem a message: [email protected]