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You have no idea how much Johan wishes there were a few more boys on his team. Don’t get us wrong, he likes all the females, but sometimes he just wants to kick back with a beer, and not talk about feelings. And have ketchup in the fridge. It’s not a lot to ask. That’s why he's so glad Koen joined the team, and why on some days, he’s extra happy to be on the road. He drives his Volvo to all corners of the country to campaign our different way of working and our magnificent products. Also, minor thing, he co-founded the brand and he’s the boss. He and Femke form the spearpoint of Frankly Amsterdam, the rock on the top of the pyramid. He will always be watching over the interest of the brand, the future of the company, and is willing to protect it with all 2.05 meters of him. Daring, excited, and sharp as a knife, this self-taught hustler doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Like a full-on namechange after 7 years of growth for instance. In fact, there’s a good chance he’ll have come up with the crazy idea himself.

Call the big boss for a meeting, collaboration, sales or otherwise. He’s friendly. Really.

Send Johan a message: johan@frankly.amsterdam




Back in the day, young career-maker Femke quickly acquired all the skills she needed to found her own company in textiles. Business school? Check. Director of a big textile company? Check. Found the right partner in business and in life? Check. Commercial chief Johan and businesswoman slash textile-fanatic Femke founded Fem Home together when she was pregnant with their daughter. It was a dream coming true in many aspects, and a whirlwind of madness in some. But Femke has found that these two things often go hand in hand. Daily, she carefully balances the challenges of running your own company and being a mom of two. She delegates and redirects as needed, keeping in mind the grand scheme of things while paying close attention to the details of every move made. She forms the soul of the company: the respectful elegance and uncompromising allegiance she brings to the table are evident in every fibre of the company and make for a beautiful and trustworthy brand.

Besides being the face and representative of the brand, dealing with architects and other special requests is Femke’s forte. Call her if you want something extraordinary and she’ll make that happen for you.

Send Femke a message: femke@frankly.amsterdam





This little firecracker takes aesthetics and interior very seriously. With Anouk, it’s all about style, grace, and the tiny little details that make the whole. No wonder she and Frankly make a good fit. After working at the front desk for a couple of years, she joined Johan and Femke in the field, and is now meeting with and charming our dealers, architects and customers alike. Next to this, she uses her skills of creation, her keen eye and her love for aesthetics to consult Janna in many a creative matter. You can trust Anouk to always speak her mind, gently but clearly. She is one of those people that will never cease to surprise. She’s a walking paradox. With her fingernails perfectly polished, she twerks on the weekends and drives her bosses car like she rides her motorcycle: fearless, with true grit and just a little bit mischievous.

Anouk is the one to call about setting up a meeting. Any meeting. Want to place an order? To see the collection? Have any questions? Call her. She’ll hook you up.

Send Anouk a message: anouk@frankly.amsterdam




Sometimes, managing to gleefully handle all internal business for Frankly Amsterdam can be as tough as walking in 20cm heels. On a balancing beam. In the rain. Lisa can do both. This versatile lady aims to assist our customers and bosses our logistic team around Europe on a daily basis. She is basically the driving force behind our day-to-day affairs and she never quits, like the powerhouse she is. We’re serious, the woman barely takes a vacation. But when she does, she disappears to Italy for a couple of weeks, and comes back with the best wines of every region in the trunk.

Lisa is the one you talk to when you have questions about our products or your order. She knows everything.

Send Lisa a message: lisa@frankly.amsterdam





The curly haired stormtrooper with the quick wit. That’s Janna. In a hectic office-environment she is always looking for the right story to tell. And the best way to tell it. She is our in-house designer and communications expert who rocks our world with words, designs, drawings, ideas, jokes and mad, mad skills. This girl really does it all. She is the one to hold responsible for all texts. All presentations and graphics. Anything campaign, press or online related ánd all special designs. Also, being the designated nerd in the office, her colleagues bother her daily with questions about software, the server, and WHY is the printer not working? All equipment in our office only ever obeys Janna’s magic touch. It’s really the only reason why we all put up with her constant singing.

Janna is the one you go to if you have any requests concerning special designs, press, our website or anything nerdy or funny. She likes that too.

Send Janna a message: janna@frankly.amsterdam




New fish in the pond! Our Eleonora is the latest addition to our ever growing team. With a fresh degree in communications and a few years of office-experience, Noor sits at the JBA desk and finds her way in the interior branche. Like a social chameleon, this lovable little lady got comfortable with everyone in the team in no time. With a charming attitude and a down-to-earth sense of humor, she manages all daily affairs with a laugh and total dedication. She and Lisa play out all possible problems and obstacles, and they look so damn effortless doing it. She even knows how to boogie in the bar. We are not letting her go anytime soon.

Noor can help you with anything Flexform or office related. If you’re nice to her, she may even make you a cup of her famous cappuccino.

Send Noor a message: noor@frankly.amsterdam





Inge was there from the very beginning. Inge helped Femke set up Fem Home. She was the creative force behind the brand, which she helped guide to adulthood with her careful approach and her signature chilled-out, calm-as-the-sea attitude. On many Frankly-fronts she has battled some kind of war. Production, branding and now even finances. She is a jack of all trades, and she will probably always be involved in some part of the company. Inge is also Johan’s no-bullshit, never-whiny sister, with the long legs and the friendly face. This character of hers is sure gonna come in handy now that her second baby is born. Ing, we’re so excited for you, and we hope you come back to set us straight very soon.

For questions about financial matters, talk to Inge. She can tell you all about it. But not right now, because she’s just had a baby, fool.

Send Inge a message: inge@frankly.amsterdam




It’s a boy! And his name is Koen. We imported him fresh out of Limburg, and boy, are we happy that he’s here, providing some much needed testosteron to the team. Koen grew up in the world of interior, and happens to speak the German language fluently. He is the prince of the motor racing tracks, where he’s been winning throphies since he was only a little boy. This is also where he fell, broke his foot, and showed up for his very first job-interview on crutches. Luckily this super trooper has a high threshold for pain. He remains calm, shrugs it off with a laugh, and has his eye on the next challenge. Because when he plays, he plays to win. Which coincidently comes in quite handy with this new jobdescription. Within a couple of days he managed to show all the girls in the office what he is made of. He assured them that he will not go down without a fight. And that he will happily take any extra “kroketten” off their hands at lunch.

Koen will be on the road to visit dealers and showrooms all over the country. He listens to Koen, Coen, Roel, Sir or just “hey you there”. That works too.

Send Koen a message: koen@frankly.amsterdam