Eucalyptus: the truth behind our crowning jewel

Eucalyptus: the truth behind our crowning jewel



Let us first explain what we mean by the word Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is the name we give the yarn that we use in some of our rugs. Like wool, for instance, the yarn is called after the material it was made from. Our Eucalyptus yarn was made with the wood of Eucalyptus trees. These European trees form the natural source for the fibre that is then spun into a strong, shiny, natural yarn.





Eucalyptus yarn is strong, soft, and can be used in many different applications. Because it is made from Eucalyptustrees, it has most of the characteristics that a woodfibre naturally has, like great moisture management, strength and anti-bacterial performance.


Moreover, the fibre is, compared to cotton and synthetic yarns, very sustainable. The trees can grow on soil that was rejected for the foodindustry, so there is no competition there. The trees that are used for the production of our Eucalyptus yarn are located in European forests, under strict management according to the FSC certificate. When the trees are cut, the process that they are treated in to create the fibre is a closed loop process, which means solvents and water are re-used and recycled. The solvents are even fully biodegradable. And if that wasn't enough, the production of Eucalyptus takes only 2.8% of the water that is needed to produce cotton. Need we say more? We don’t think so.





Fibres made from Eucalyptus trees are becoming more and more popular. There are even many names for it now. That doesn't mean that they are the same thing. They may have the same source, the Eucalyptus tree, but there is an immense difference in quality. Just like Levi's and Zara both use denim, doesn't mean that you would settle for a Levi's jeans because you couldn't find a Zara around. One will always be better than the other. Better production, better resources, finer craftsmanship. One is the king, and one has to be the jack. That's a little like it is with Eucalyptus as well.





Now, what sets our yarn apart from the rest? That is a very good question. And it has a very good answer. Because we produce in Europe. The trees used for our yarn grow on European soil. The pulp is processed by European companies. It is dyed, spun, and made into rugs in our own very continent. This means that our products have the European stamp of approval for sustainability and durability, which means a lot, since regulations are superstrict on this side of the world. It also means that we can sleep at night, knowing that there were no underpaid, under appreciated hands forced to work on these rugs. That there is no gigantic amounts of water spilt to make a beautiful piece of textile.

We feel good knowing that the people we work with have the knowledge, experience, the skill and the freedom to work on the standard that we hold dear. And we are not willing to compromise that for anything.


This is our ground. Stand yours.


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