We can make anything you want. Just try us.

We can make anything you want. Just try us.




Look, we know it’s a cliché to say that everyone is unique. But cliché or not, it’s true.
We are all different. We like different things. We are different people. And we should all be able to let our surroundings express exactly who we are.

That is why, next to our standard collection, we also offer the possibility to customize endlessly, and even design your own rug entirely. Together with us, you can make sure that your rug is precisely how you want it. That it seamlessly fits your interior, your style, and the space you have reserved for it.





You explain to us what you want. Tell us in a meeting, over the phone, or send us an email with your inspiration. It can be as simple as a picture, a drawing or a written idea.

We take that inspiration and we start sketching. With our extensive ranges of materials and colors we create your very own custom design. We send you an artwork to review, which we can adjust according to any feedback you may have. You can determine material, color, size, shape, height, technique and even density. We keep adjusting until you are completely satisfied with the design. We make a sample for your approval, and only then will we start the production of your special rug.





And here’s the best part about it. It doesn’t take us months to produce your masterpiece. We can have your rug produced, shipped and delivered to your doorstep in 5 weeks.

We love doing what we do. We truly enjoy working with creative minds to create something extraordinary. And we pride ourselves in doing it accurately, quickly and frankly in Europe.






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