Higher Ground Rug

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€550,00 Incl. tax

Price: € 550,00 per m2

Please order via +31 (0) 20 7370818 (working days 09.00 - 17.00) or hello@frankly.amsterdam

Material: 100% wool

Size: Any size is possible

Color code: HIG3002

Height: 10-12 mm

Production: Hand tufted

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Description: Higher Ground is a natural relief landscape in wool. Many rhythmic lines, that relate to each other in an organic manner, have been handtufted in both low loop- and higher cutpile. Because of this difference in height, an interesting shadow pattern appears in this rug, creating a strong but subtle 3D effect. Higher Ground was born from our collaboration with Remy Meijers, an impressive Dutch architect, who also designed our rug Chasing Light. Available in 6 stone tones, any size and shape. Handmade in Europe.

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Delivery: Free delivery within the EU

Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Return: Since every rug is custom made, it is not possible to exchange rugs.

Product Code: HIG3002

Design: Remy Meijers

Color design: Remy Meijers

Weight: 4000 gr/m2

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