Night Fire Pattern Rug

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€775,00 Incl. tax

Price: € 775,00 per m2

Please order via +31 (0) 20 7370818 (working days 09.00 - 17.00) or [email protected]

Material: 100% Oxidated Beech Fiber

Size: Any size is possible, if bigger than 200 x 300 cm

Height: 14 mm

Production: Hand tufted and hand printed

Delivery time: 6 weeks

Colors: 8 Standard

Description: Night Fire has a unique story. Its fiber, made from European Beech trees, is spun into extremely thin yarn. These are then tufted in a very high density, creating an almost velvet-like surface. But the truly special part starts after tufting. Using an innovative new technique, we oxidate the yarn. After this oxidation treatment the top of the yarn has a different color then the base of the yarn. On top it gets a glowing, burnished version of the color that is underneath. Because the oxidation treatment is done by hand, each rug is completely unique. There are no two rugs that are exactly the same. Interior-design studio Nicemakers developed this yarn with us, and created a mesmerizing design using all 8 colors. As such, this rug is available in 8 uni colors, and in one all-inclusive pattern.

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Delivery: Free delivery within the EU

Delivery time: 6 weeks

Return: Since every rug is custom made, it is not possible to exchange rugs.

Product Code: NIF5301

Design: Nicemakers

Color design: Nicemakers

Weight: 6500 gr/m2

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