Our designers



Mae Engelgeer

With a huge fascination for textile and a good eye for detail, Mae Engelgeer, an impressive Dutch textile designer, strives to find the right balance between graphic, tactile and colorful elements within each new design.

A Mae Engelgeer design for Frankly Amsterdam:

En Suite & Full Circle




An interior design studio that creates worldly interiors, all from an inspiring office space in hometown Amsterdam. Every single project feels good from the very beginning, is worked on with lots of attention, and produces an endresult that they will forever be in love with afterwards.

Nicemakers designs for Frankly Amsterdam:

After Glow & Night Fire



Christiane Müller

To Christiane Müller, good design means more than functionality and aesthetics. It means ensuring sustainability, affordability and capturing the zeitgeist.

A Christiane Müller design for Frankly Amsterdam:

At Random



Marc Thorpe

Thorpe believes that today's society demands diversification. He decided to start a multidisciplinary design agency, so that he could focus on all facets of design and work in different fields with different scales and sizes.

A Marc Thorpe design for Frankly Amsterdam:

Cross Over



April and May

Their studio is the place where they create and work on new projects in the field of interior, fashion and styling. Through their strong online presence, with no less than 4,4 million followers and counting, they strive to bring out the best in brands, style and concept.

An April and May design for Frankly Amsterdam:

Truly Yours



Ulf Moritz

His designs show a very specific handwriting, recognizable by it's diversity in style elements in combination with surprising materials and innovatieve techniques.

An Ulf Moritz design for Frankly Amsterdam:

Perfect Match



Felix Diener

 Felix Diener develops textiles that are on the interface between design and technology.This is the essence from which he design fabrics, curtains, rugs and accessories for collections of leading brands and various producers and designers. 

A Felix Diener design for Frankly Amsterdam:

Comfort Zone



Remy Meijers

„An interior’s strength lies in calm, not fuss” says Remy Meijers, beloved Dutch interior architect. This powerful statement with his holistic perspective make him a versatile interior architect who doesn’t limit himself to broad strokes, but also focuses on the tiniest of details. 

A Remy Meijers design for Frankly Amsterdam:

Chasing Light & Higher Ground