About Eucalyptus


 We use our Eucalyptusyarn very often. It is natural, sustainable and gorgeous to look at.

Some advantages of 100% Eucalyptus yarns: 

+ Soft: very suitable for sensitive skin
+ Healthy room climate: temperature and humidity uctuations in homes can be balanced out, due to the fibers natural ability to absorb and release moisture
+ Absorbent: natural and effective moisture management, simultaneously preventing electrostatic charging
+ Strong: Eucalyptus is a strong fiber and therefore suitable for many different applications
+ Naturally anti-bacterial: resistant to bacteria and therefor suitable for people with allergies


Eucalyptus is also a very sustainable product:

+ It is one of the most sustainable processes of ber-production to this day.
+ Woodpulp comes from European forests that are strictly managed according to SFC certificate.
+ The Eucalyptus fiber is completely biodegradable.
+ The land used for Eucalyptus is unsuitable for food crops, so there’s no competition with the food-industry.
+ The production of Eucalyptus uses only 2,8% water compaired to the production of cotton.
+ The production process of Eucalyptus is a nearly closed loop process, where the the water involved in the production is recycled during manufacturing, and the finishing agents are fully biodegradable.
+ The dyeing of the Eucalyptus yarn is 100% ecological.




We have two kinds of this special yarn available. A thinner yarn, used in our Move Slow, Perfect Match, Chasing Light and En Suite qualities, and a ticker yarn, used in our At Random and Colour Me qualities.

Below you can find our color options. 


+ 110 uni colors for Move Slow, Perfect Match & Chasing Light qualities
+ 51 uni colors for At Random and Colour Me qualities
+ a possibility to mix your own color out of these uni colors
+ a possibility to have custom colors lab- dyed (ask about the terms)



You can also have a special color lab-dyed. Ask about the terms!