Inge was there from the very beginning. Inge helped Femke set up Fem Home. She was the creative force behind the brand, which she helped guide to adulthood with her careful approach and her signature chilled-out, calm-as-the-sea attitude. On many Frankly-fronts she has battled some kind of war. Production, branding and now even finances. She is a jack of all trades, and she will probably always be involved in some part of the company. Inge is also Johan’s no-bullshit, never-whiny sister, with the long legs and the friendly face. This character of hers is sure gonna come in handy now that her second baby is born. Ing, we’re so excited for you, and we hope you come back to set us straight very soon.

For questions about financial matters, talk to Inge. She can tell you all about it. But not right now, because she’s just had a baby, fool.

Send Inge a message: [email protected]