Born in Sydney and raised on the coast, this Aussie girl made her way to Amsterdam. The plan was to stay for a year, get in touch with her Dutch roots and then head back to Australia. Well, it turned out slightly different. Kiara fell in love with our city and as a cherry on the cake, a Dutch guy took her heart. It might have been the other way around though, we’re not too sure. Anyhow, we consider ourselves lucky that she decided to bless us with her down to earth presence.

Kiara is in charge of running our marketing and branding stories, the whole shebang. She puts Frankly Amsterdam on the map, keeping track of what is happening in our online and offline market. We have to admit, she is pretty good with numbers too. Kiara gained her broad experience in the fashion industry but would choose interior over fashion, without a doubt. She says it feels more real and grounded. Terms that match her personality seamlessly.

Kiara is always on the hunt for something new. She enjoys fast paced thinking and she speaks on that same level. In her speed she tends to be a bit clumsy, so leave your drink near her at own risk. On the plus side, she will replace it with one of her signature Gin and Tonic’s. They never disappoint. Feel free to contact Kiara, she is always open for new collaborations.

Send her a message: [email protected]