Marianka reinforces our Frankly Amsterdam team with a subtle presence, almost seamlessly she fits both the team and the job description. We soon learned that Marianka sets her goals with purpose and puts in the work without hesitation. She could be described as the strong silent type, though lucky for us she pairs her calm aura with a dry sense of humor.⁠

Marianka stems from a Serbian father and a Dutch mother. Growing up in both cultures made her open minded as she easily adjusts to new surroundings. Perhaps it is one of the reasons for her many travels, she even lived in Australia for a while. As much as Marianka loves being a Serbian countryside girl, she now feels very much at home in Amsterdam. Marianka is always looking for a creative challenge, both in and outside of her work. She has a deeply rooted urge to create, in any shape or form. And so she designs, shapes ceramics and practices yoga. Marianka is not one to sit still, so she began teaching her own yoga classes a few years ago. In the office Marianka pours her creativity into our product development, branding and marketing adventures. ⁠

Feel free to contact Marianka, she will handle your request: [email protected]