Her cheeks are blessed with freckles and her long hair frames them perfectly.
She may look innocent, but please don’t let the angel face fool you. This young woman is tough. Marjon is as Dutch as they come, meaning she calls things as they are and doesn’t beat around the bush. She works like there’s no tomorrow. Because why postpone anything that can be done today? Outside of office hours she lives her life freely. And we can guarantee you, Marjon is always the last one to leave the party. While having fun, she makes sure the people around her are content and happy.

She balances a healthy lifestyle with loads of guilty pleasures. She calls it her eighty-twenty rule.It might seem a bit sketchy with 3 restaurant dinners a week but but hey, who’s counting. After skilfully managing the Frankly office, Marjon found her true purpose.
She is now rocking the sales department together with Koen. With a trunk full of Frankly Amsterdam collections she travels to selected dealers, architects and customers alike to spread the word.

Call Marjon for all sales inquiries, the possibilities are endless.  

Send Marjon a message: [email protected]