She may look innocent, but you could not be more wrong. That’s just the perfectly applied make-up and the biological blessing that is her freckles. This new girl is as Dutch as they come. Meaning that she calls things like she sees them and she doesn’t beat around the bush. With her down to earth attitude she shakes things off quite easily. It also means that she lives her life like she wants to. And let me tell you. What a life that is. Festivals, friends, vino. Sneakers, sunshine, and bright colored scooters that take her wherever she wants to go. After studying hospitality and working in the world of print, she now graces us with her presence next to Lisa. She aids customers, writers orders and quotations, and skillfully manages projects, production and presentation. Quick, kind, and very very frank.

Call Marjon for help with your order, invoice, quotation or anything else. She has it all under control.

Send Marjon a message: [email protected]