To Be Frank

To Be Frank


TO BE FRANK(ly Amsterdam)

A name change. That's a huge ordeal. We know this, and we did it anyway. It cost us time, money, blood, sweat, tears and we don't regret any of it. Why, you ask? That's a great question. And one that we have heard many times since we announced we were planning the change.



When we started Fem Home, we created a collection for the home. It was a brand of luxury home-textiles made in Europe with natural materials exclusively. A brand and company known in retail and among consumers for it's personal approach, its high quality and fast and easy service. And it worked.

Our personal approach made us shape our collection to be largely customizable. It soon became an aspiration throughout the entire collection: any size, shape, color, finishing you want. This struck a chord with interior designers and architects.



Projects, like hotels, restaurants, mansions and others quickly started flooding in. Our clients started working more and more with all the possibilities that we offer, and started requesting more and more special designs. This opened a new market for us: the project market. 

With that the brand changed. Our focus shifted: it was not only on residential consumers, but on soft contract as well. Our targetgroup changed. This meant that our brand had to change with it.



The name Fem Home was so deeply connected to the residential part of our business, that we outgrew its reach. It didn't fit the bill anymore. Didn't cover it. We needed a name that would embrace and support the full extent of our existing ánd our newfound targetgroup. Something that would speak to interior designers and architects as well as retailers for residential purposes. 

And so we grasped back to our core, which had remained the same: fast, easy, personal, quality but above all: honest. Honesty and integrity are everything to us. It is who we are. We want to be frank about who we are, where our products come from and what they are made of. It is the one thing we preach and practice in all parts of our business. You see it in open communication, in natural materials, in European production. Frankly speaking. That is what we identify with. Add our hometown, the place where we started, and Frankly Amsterdam was born.



With Frankly Amsterdam, we want to welcome a new era. Our brand is maturing, it's growing rapidly and it's rising above all that we have done so far. With our core values still intact, we have given our brand an upgrade. A step up, while standing our ground. 



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