We only produce in Europe. And here's why.

We only produce in Europe. And here's why.




For any creative label, the first goal is to design beautiful products that you love. To make sure that the product speaks for itself and that it is smoothly delivered to your customers doorstep with a smile. For us, however, that is not enough.

We want to deliver a truly beautiful product of which we are completely sure that it came from somewhere good. That is was made by people who are being treated fairly. Who worked on this product in a good environment, and that they got paid by their value. We want to know that its materials are pure, and harmless. We want to feel good knowing that our products are not only gorgeous, but that they are also straightforward.

And that is exactly why we produce only in Europe.




Here, we can trust that strict regulations on source-material, production and transport keep us all in check. The materials are pure, the processes regulated. The lead-times are short, and the quality outstanding. You, in turn, can trust that you are purchasing a product that is honest, durable and beautiful.

The big advantage this way of producing gives us, is the speed and flexibility that comes with close-by production. That comes with short lines of communication, and a personal relationship between the label and the people in the factory. Because we choose to work this way we are able to provide our customers with custom-made, even customized, one-of-a-kind rugs in under 6 weeks.




In our industry, and in many others for that matter, brands are manufacturing the simplest of products in the far east where labor is cheap, and the conditions for it are tragic. These products are then passed off as high-end results of exclusive craftsmanship that your interior simply can not do without.
Because of a seemingly lower pricetag, consumers are tempted to close their eyes to the fact that somebody else is actually paying the price for them. This is something, that we can not stand for. It is something that we will not be a part of.

Now, we know that we are holding ourselves to a high standard. We know it is not the easy choice. And it comes at a price. But for us, it is the right way. It is the only way we can honestly say that we can live with the choices we make and we can be proud of the work we deliver.





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