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Cheerful curls and a blush on the cheeks. Our Rinske works the Frankly backoffice like a true athlete. Challenged, motivated and dedicated through out. This one is a trooper. She goes running, cycling, swimming you name it. Armed with some serious speed she leaves everyone behind, guaranteed. No hard feelings though, if anything, she will wait for you at the finish line. Once arrived Rinske will offer you a cool beverage and a handshake. She is all about fair play. May the best one win. ⁠

At Frankly Amsterdam she handles all internal sales and service. A task that looks easier than done. Yet somehow Rinske manages to keep calm under pressure. She deals with customers, production and colleagues all at once, while switching languages and killing deadlines. With her positive outlook on life she hardly lets anything stand in her way.⁠

Meaning her ambitions are bigger than our borders. This southern girl is a world citizen. She is well travelled and she even lived in the big apple for a while. Once she speaks Frankly fluently, her goal is to go out there and represent us with her unique humble charm. ⁠

Feel free to contact Rinske, she is happy to help.⁠

Send Rinske a message: [email protected]