New Consciousness

Human beings are creatures of habit.
Healthy or not, there is no way around them.
Yet some habits got caught up in the fast lane, where life is quick and all is replaceable.

Until nature came calling, and the people were forced to listen.
To lower their pace. To humble themselves.

As the world went silent there was room for thought.
Slowly awakening to a new consciousness.
Already inhabited by some, refreshing to others.

At Frankly Amsterdam we were never vocal about our habits.
Since to us, they just make sense.

But today we speak volumes about our values.

Making only to measure. No stock. No waste.
The materials we use are either organic or recycled, always within an arms reach.
Our close to home production is no coincidence, it is a choice.
For honest working conditions. For minimal transportion. And for short lead times.

Designers move freely in our studio. Custom is what we do best.
With endless ranges of colors we are proud to contribute to the fruits of their labor.

For in uniqueness there is beauty.

This is our ground. Stand yours.
Frankly Amsterdam