About us

Here at Frankly Amsterdam we do things differently, and have been from the start. 
Our products have honest origins. Production takes place in decent places by genuine people.

We're thinking about the future, which is why our collection of rugs,
bed linen and plaids is produced in Europe from quality, natural materials. 

As a Dutch company, we value directness and candour. 
We communicate openly and honestly. 

Whether working with interior design stores, architects, designers and artists
we stand by our values in all aspects of our business, working in a way that benefits
not only us, but everyone involved. 

We have been working on something exciting at Frankly Amsterdam.
Our Frankly Daily series will give you a sneak peek into life at Frankly.
We’ll share bits and pieces of the things that keep the creative team busy.
New projects, collections, or behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

You'll get to take a look in the Frankly kitchen, see what’s cooking.
Simply because some things are just too good to keep to ourselves.
Curious to see what we are up to? Follow our journey. 


Human beings are creatures of habit.
Healthy or not, there is no way around them.
Yet some habits got caught up in the fast lane, where life is quick and all is replaceable.
Until nature came calling, and the people were forced to listen.
To lower their pace. To humble themselves.
As the world went silent there was room for thought.
Slowly awakening to a new consciousness.
Already inhabited by some, refreshing to others.
At Frankly Amsterdam we were never vocal about our habits.
Since to us, they just make sense.
But today we speak volumes about our values.
Making only to measure. No stock. No waste.
The materials we use are either organic or recycled, always within an arm's reach.
Our close-to-home production is no coincidence, it is a choice.
For honest working conditions. For minimal transportation. And for short lead times.
Designers move freely in our studio. Custom is what we do best.
With endless ranges of colors we are proud to contribute to the fruits of their labor.
For in uniqueness there is beauty.
This is our ground. Stand yours. 



Everybody wants to be exceptional.
To conquer their ground, and then stand it.
Let us help you with that.

Send us your inspiration. Image, text or a simple sketch. Anything goes.
With that inspiration, we start sketching.
Armed with enormous ranges of materials, colors and techniques in our standard collection we create your custom design.

We send an artwork, for you to review.
We keep adjusting until you’re completely happy with it, and only then do we start the production of your rug.
And now for the best part. It doesn’t take us months to produce your masterpiece.
It takes us only 5 weeks.

So far we’ve already added some pretty impressive projects to our portfolio.
From staircases, to wall-mounted-rugs and everything in between.
Frankly speaking, working with creative minds is what we like to do best.

We can’t wait to start working with yours. Don’t be shy. It’s easy, really.


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