About us


Our hometown, Amsterdam, is known for its impeccable Dutch directness. 
The people here call it like it is. What you see is what you get. 
This is a quality that we, as a native Dutch company, embody in every fiber of our being. 
We value honesty, we respect candor.
That same frank, open attitude is the core of our brand:
We communicate openly. Down to earth and no-nonsense.
Our products have honest origins. Production takes place in decent places by genuine people.
We strictly work with the best natural resources.
We keep finery to a minimum. We don’t need much decoration to showcase true quality.
We know the worth and the quality of the work we deliver. We’re proud of it and not afraid to say it.



Frankly Amsterdam wasn’t always called Frankly Amsterdam.
We used to go by a different name.

7 years ago, we started as Fem Home, a luxury textile brand of home textiles with a pure origin. Even then, we already produced our entire collection of rugs, bedlinen, plaids and cushions exclusively in Europe with the most beautiful natural materials. We developed quickly and outgrew our name. That is why we decided to continue as Frankly Amsterdam.

Most of our collection is made to measure. As a result, it is possible to customize (almost) any product to personal preference. The creative freedom that this way of working offers has been internationally noted by interior designers. That is why today, we specialize in made-to-measure interior textiles for both residential and project-oriented customers in the highest segment of the interior branche.

Flying the flag of Frankly Amsterdam we are expanding our collection with products that bridge the gap between textiles and furniture: soft furnishing. We are expanding our existing collaborations with established architectural firms and designers such as Marc Thorpe, Ulf Moritz and Christiane Müller. In addition, we are entering into exciting new collaborations. For example, Mae Engelgeer created the carpet "En Suite" especially for our launch, and we continue to work on developments with international designers behind the scenes.



We live in a world where integrity is so often compromised for convenience.Quantity comes before quality, and attention, focus and silence are considered a luxury.

In this world, we stand our ground.

We come from a place that is known for its exceptional directness. Honesty and sincerity are valued above everything else. The people here are proud to celebrate the unique, the one-of-a-kinds. It is a place that stands up for what it believes in. Where you can find calm and comfort in the midst of chaos. And where true class never goes out of style.

This is where we do business our own way. A way that benefits everyone involved. The raw, natural materials we use are pure and trustworthy, as we demand to know exactly where they came from. With a love for personal interior and bespoke textiles, we custom-make all our products. From inspiration, to artwork and final design. From architects and designers, that use our expertise to create their own masterpieces. From our strictly European production to high-end interior design stores all over the world.

All of us understand how important the little details are, and we are dedicated to every single step in the process.

Where true quality outshines abundance, that is where we claim our stake.

This is our ground. Stand yours.