Dutch architect

Designed for us: 
Land Mark and Corner Stone



Diederik Dam leads the Amsterdam based architectural firm Dam & Partners Architecten.

It is no wonder that Diederik has ended up in the creative profession. With graphic designer Josephine Dam-Holt for a mother, architect Cees Dam for a father and a family of architects that surround him, he was brought up with a love for art and design. From childhood on he learned to look at spaces, products and art in a comprehensive way. From the big picture to the smallest details. After his studies at the technical university in Delft, he joined his father in 1993 to lead the renowned architectural firm Dam & Partners.

Dam & Partners is a name to be reckoned with both in the Netherlands and internationally. They are proud to work on a very diverse portfolio of projects that range from small to huge, from product to public space. Complex designs for cities, theater buildings, town halls, luxury homes and villas, interiors, furniture and now carpets.

In all these different designs, detail plays a major role for Diederik in the experience and use of his work. For the user, the design of a rug is just as essential as the design of the room in which it is located, he believes. Just like applied art, his work can be experienced and appreciated on multiple levels - from the grand concept to the minor details.

Dedication, freedom and comfort. That is what successful design for Diederik is about.
The dedication of the maker to go to the extreme, and of the user to make it his own. The freedom to experience and use a space to one’s own needs and desires, and the comfort you will find if all this is possible.

It is precisely these 3 principles that bind Diederik and his work to us. A shared love for comfort and modest luxury combined with a huge appreciation for honest, fundamental freedom.