Slacker by Jasper Krabbé

Design by Jasper Krabbé
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Price On request
Available as (wall)rug
Design Jasper Krabbé
Size Small 173 x 153 cm, Medium 250 x 222 cm, Large 396 x 350 cm
Height 14 - 20 mm
Technique Hand tufted
Colors 1 standard
Color design Jasper Krabbé
Material Thin New Zealand Wool and Linen
Delivery time 6 weeks


When art meets interior: This is the result of our collaboration with artist Jasper Krabbé. 
This piece is hand tufted in thin New Zealand Wool and Linen with a range of stunning color mixes and heights. ⁠The various pile heights create depth in the rug.
(wall)rug Slacker is available in a limited edition of 5. Available in size small, medium, large or custom size.⁠ Just ask for the possibilities!⁠

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