Surface architect & collection-designer

Designed for us:
At Random


“I have always been fascinated by the beauty of materials and by the way yarns and effects make up their essence, their colors and structures” states Christiane Müller, partner of Studio Müller Van Tol, in Amsterdam.

Her work focuses on defining the architecture of surfaces: the structure, proportion, dimensioning, color and character of finishes for floors, walls, ceilings and other interior elements. 

She oversees the design and composition of collections manufactured by companies in the interior market. To Christiane Müller, good design means more than functionality and aesthetics. It means ensuring sustainability, affordability and capturing the zeitgeist.

Christiane is a very important member of our Frankly Amsterdam team. Not only does she single-handedly compose the color schemes for all Frankly Amsterdam products, she also develops her own product proposals, and offers advice on ongoing developments regularly. 

At Random was designed for us by Christiane, as well as (almost) all color ranges for our other qualities.