Dutch textile designer

Designed for us:
En Suite
Full Circle
Fore See



With a huge fascination for textile and a good eye for detail, Mae Engelgeer, an impressive Dutch textile designer, strives to find the right balance between graphic, tactile and colorful elements within each new design. After attending the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where she specialized in textile design, Engelgeer attended the Master Course in Applied Arts at the Sandberg Institute. Since 2014 she has been running her own studio in Amsterdam, where she continues the search for the right compositions made from inspiring materials and techniques.

In a collaboration with Frankly Amsterdam, Mae Engelgeer designed En Suite, a rug composed out of 50x50 cm gradient squares. Combining different materials, different pile heights and subtly changing colors into an interesting structure, Engelgeer created a product that showcases versatility in hand tufted rugs. Mae designed all 6 color combinations herself, creating a family of rugs that suit the Frankly Amsterdam brand flawlessly, without losing the characteristic Mae Engelgeer touch. Made from a mix of wool- and Eucalyptus yarn. Hand tufted in Europe.

After the launch of En Suite, Mae designed another rug for us: Full Circle. Made with luxurious 100% Mohair and detailed with Eucalyptus and wool. We both fell in love with this incredible yarn, yet another thing we have in common. As this beautiful quality speaks for itself, Mae kept the design of this rug just quiet enough to keep the focus on the Mohair, and just detailed enough to give it her classic Engelgeer signature. Mae detailed this design with subtle lines of looped Eucalyptus and wool, giving the rug an extra edge, both figuratively and literally speaking. Hand tufted in Europe.

                EN SUITE                        FORE SEE                     FULL CIRCLE