Interior design studio

Designed for us:
After Glow
Night Fire
Night Fire pattern


We must send fate a big thank you note. If Dax and Joyce had never met, we would have been denied a lot of beauty. And the world would have been a lot less ‘nice’.

These two creatives found each other in shared dreams about beautiful things from distant countries. The duo travels all over the world, where they are inspired by foreign cultures, by different eras and where they encounter all kinds of undiscovered treasures. Extraordinary objects, materials, colors and products. Great finds, that are then applied in a brand new interior project. Everything has a story. A personality. And much like Dax and Joyce themselves, everything is perfectly attuned to one another.

They founded their company in 2011, and solemnly pledged to beautify. To make their, and any other surrounding more beautiful with confidence and ambition. Nicemakers. An interior design studio that creates worldly interiors, all from an inspiring office space in hometown Amsterdam.

The interior for Dutch salad bar concept SLA was the first project to put them on the map. This project won them multiple awards, and was quickly followed by assignments like hotel Hoxton in Amsterdam, and an amazing penthouse in Maastricht, which earned them a part in the Netflix show ‘Amazing Interiors’. Dax and Joyce are now working with a team of talented designers on a variety of interior projects. Every single project feels good from the very beginning, is worked on with lots of attention, and produces an endresult that they will forever be in love with afterwards.

How happy are we that they wanted to use their combined strengths for the good of our collection. Nicemakers has never before wanted to launch a product. Now they have with us. And we could not be more proud of that.

         AFTER GLOW               NIGHT FIRE             NIGHT FIRE PATTERN