This little firecracker takes aesthetics and interior very seriously. With Anouk, it’s all about grace, style, and the tiny little details that make the whole. No wonder she and Frankly Amsterdam make a good fit. After a couple of years of charming our dealers, architects and customers alike she now moved on to the creative side of business. She uses her keen eye and her love for materials, colors and design to consult and create. She is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and frankly, she likes hers covered in tattoos. You can trust Anouk to listen closely and always speak her mind, gently but clearly. She will never fail to surprise and amaze you. She’s a walking paradox. With her fingernails perfectly polished, she blasts Tupac on the weekends and drives her bosses car like she rides her motorcycle: fearless, with true grit and just a little bit mischievous.

Anouk is the one to call about creative matters. Whatever they may be. Call her, she’ll hook you up.

Send Anouk a message: [email protected]