Spotlight Series | Gabriela Puig Soleille

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Welcome to the Spotlight Series, where we showcase the incredible talents of our inspiring creative partners. In this series, we explore the artistic minds behind our collaborators, shedding light on their creative processes and the sources of their inspiration.

In our first instalment, we are thrilled to profile the accomplished Architect and Interior Decorator, Gabriela Puig Soleille. Our collaboration with Gabriela resulted in the creation of the remarkable Riviera rug that takes center stage at the Fendi store in Amsterdam. Join us as we explore the intricacies of Gabriela's creative journey and the unique elements that fuel her artistic vision.

Do you come from a creative background, and if so, how has your environment played a role in shaping your creative perspective?

I was born in Mexico with a French mother and a Mexican father, and the dynamic fusion of other cultures consistently influences my artistic projects. Rooted in a purely architectural background, my work is further enriched by the sharpness of the Swiss architectural philosophy. This blend seamlessly intertwines with the poetic and artistic vision I inherited from my grandfather, the esteemed glass artist Gabriel Loire, lending a unique dimension to my creative expression.

How would you define your unique creative style?

I often refer to it as ‘Mexican Brutalism’, a fusion overflowing with passion and love.


Could you share some insights into your creative process?

My creative process begins with an emotionally led analysis of the landscape, the building, the history and the space in its entirety, seeking to understand its expression. Following this, I contemplate its meaning and identity, with the intention of seamlessly integrating this into the project. With these insights, I begin sketching. The results often unfold intuitively. This combination of intuition, emotion, and adjustments signifies the project is ready to be brought to life in its physical form.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

With my sketchbook in hand, I draw inspiration from the beauty of every day life. Living between Amsterdam and Ibiza, and frequent travels for work expose me to a world of inspiration. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration specifically behind the Fendi project and the rug you designed?  

The Fendi Amsterdam project emerged after years of collaboration with LVMH, where I collaborated with the Maison as a luxury consultant. My role was that of an architect and artist, tasked with developing and designing the new store concept. The aim was to create a welcoming environment infused with a strong artistic vision. 

Partnering with Frankly Amsterdam to bring my rug designs was a natural choice. The brand's extensive selection of luxurious materials and vast color palette facilitated the seamless creation of these unique rugs.

Are there any upcoming projects that particularly excite you?

Absolutely! I have quite a few projects in progress, but what excites me most is a new restaurant in Dubai and a very special collection of furniture launching this year.

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