Back in the day, young career-maker Femke quickly acquired all the skills she needed to found her own company in textiles. Business school? Check. Director of a big textile company? Check. Found the right partner in business and in life? Check. Commercial chief Johan and businesswoman slash textile-fanatic Femke founded Fem Home together when she was pregnant with their daughter. It was a dream coming true in many aspects, and a whirlwind of madness in some. But Femke has found that these two things often go hand in hand. Daily, she carefully balances the challenges of running your own company and being a mom of two. She delegates and redirects as needed, keeping in mind the grand scheme of things while paying close attention to the details of every move made. She forms the soul of the company: the respectful elegance and uncompromising allegiance she brings to the table are evident in every fibre of the company and make for a beautiful and trustworthy brand.

Besides being the face and representative of the brand, dealing with architects and other special requests is Femke’s forte. Call her if you want something extraordinary and she’ll make that happen for you.

Send Femke a message: [email protected]