⁠Early mornings are her strong suit. While the rest of the world is still waking up, Femke is already undertaking “operation clean sweep”. Because a tidy desk is a tidy mind and no one argues with that. Femke founded Frankly Amsterdam with a clear vision. She leads the company from intuition, making her a skilled guide. She knows exactly where Frankly Amsterdam is heading and she will protect the brand with all that she has. ⁠

Compromising on any of our values is simply not an option. So with her outfit on point, she is everywhere she needs to be. Rocking her high heels like it’s no big deal. Femke isn’t afraid to put in the work, she rarely backs down from a challenge. With almost two decades of experience she has earned her seat at the table. Those years of persistence and dedication definitely paid off, because this girl knows textiles. Doing business with Femke is a pleasure thanks to her honest approach and everlasting integrity.⁠

Knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day, she has mastered the art of patience. Yes, even when the rest of the team runs wild. But when the time is right, she will make a bold move without losing sight of even the tiniest of details. Modest as she is, Femke would never brag about any of her achievements. We are still hoping her to do so. Just for once.⁠
Femke cares for the company like she cares for her loved ones. She is everything a team needs. The glue that holds it together.⁠

Feel free to contact Femke, she will give you a warm welcome. Send her a message: [email protected]