You have no idea how much Johan wishes there were a few more boys on his team. Don’t get us wrong, he likes all the females, but sometimes he just wants to kick back with a beer, and not talk about feelings. And have ketchup in the fridge. It’s not a lot to ask. That’s why he's so glad Koen joined the team, and why on some days, he’s extra happy to be on the road. He drives his Volvo to all corners of the country to campaign our different way of working and our magnificent products. Also, minor thing, he co-founded the brand and he’s the boss. He and Femke form the spearpoint of Frankly Amsterdam, the rock on the top of the pyramid. He will always be watching over the interest of the brand, the future of the company, and is willing to protect it with all 2.05 meters of him. Daring, excited, and sharp as a knife, this self-taught hustler doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Like a full-on namechange after 7 years of growth for instance. In fact, there’s a good chance he’ll have come up with the crazy idea himself.

Call the big boss for a meeting, collaboration, sales or otherwise. He’s friendly. Really.

Send Johan a message: [email protected]