Johan is always ten steps ahead. Annoying at times, but it’s fun mostly.
His high speed thinking proves to be key in running our company.
Especially when it comes to finding new ways, doing what we have never done before. Sometimes slightly unconventional and very, very bold.
Sharp as a knife while at it.

Johan has this twinkle in his eyes whenever he comes up with something new. Fingers tapping on the table. And you just know it’s gonna be good.
With Johan leading the strategies skies the limit. This man does not let anything stop him. I mean, just look at his height for one.
To reach his destination, there is no other way but through.
In a straight line if possible, since he’s not big on process. While keeping an eye on things he moves on to the next challenge.
Dreaming, visualizing, becoming. In that order.
There’s always something cooking with this guy. With his mad skills he makes sure we enjoy every meal that comes through his hands. Johan’s happiness lies in a big kitchen, with a table strong enough to hold seats for everyone.
Good food and endless conversation. The more the merrier that’s what gets him going. 

His unstoppable drive is what fuels the team. 

Feel free to contact Johan: [email protected]