Kaatje is an essential player of the Frankly Amsterdam team. Her name is as Dutch as her looks, featuring bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She smells good, looks good and she knows how to make an entrance. To cut to the chase like she always does, Kaatje is a handful. She came into the Frankly office with loads of experience. Her track record includes working abroad for two years in Sydney Australia, where she studied international law and economy.

She joined us to handle all operational matters and optimise processes. She does this with a professional flair. Efficient and fun. Kaatje is notorious for organise anything and everything, from throwing parties to helping friends and restyling wardrobes. If you need anything, just call Kaatje and she’ll figure it out. Meaning we might have found ourselves a new victim to run the party committee. Even though she cracks jokes like it’s nothing, she is serious about living life to the fullest. Kaatje did not come to play. This young woman is ready for any challenge given to her. ⁠

Feel free to contact Kaatje, she will be happy to hear from you.

Send Kaatje a message: [email protected]