It’s a boy! And his name is Koen. We imported him fresh out of Limburg, and boy, are we happy that he’s here, providing some much needed testosteron to the team. Koen grew up in the world of interior, and happens to speak the German language fluently. He is the prince of the motor racing tracks, where he’s been winning throphies since he was only a little boy. This is also where he fell, broke his foot, and showed up for his very first job-interview on crutches. Luckily this super trooper has a high threshold for pain. He remains calm, shrugs it off with a laugh, and has his eye on the next challenge. Because when he plays, he plays to win. Which coincidently comes in quite handy with this new jobdescription. Within a couple of days he managed to show all the girls in the office what he is made of. He assured them that he will not go down without a fight. And that he will happily take any extra “kroketten” off their hands at lunch.

Koen will be on the road to visit dealers and showrooms all over the country. He listens to Koen, Coen, Roel, Sir or just “hey you there”. That works too.

Send Koen a message: [email protected]