He enjoys the rush, the feeling of adrenaline running trough his veins. Thinks fast, and acts accordingly. He goes full speed and brakes at the last second. Although it might seem risky at times, he actually knows what he’s doing. Koen is skilled and trustworthy. Loyal to the bone. You can fully rely on him to complete a mission and knowing Koen, he will never back down from one. Like spending 18 years on a racetrack and walking out without a scratch. Oh well, some scars maybe, but at least they tell a hell of a story. This guy is full of life. Koen started his career at Frankly Amsterdam with one goal only. To win, and win it all. But there is more than meets the eye, Koen is kind hearted and genuine. His work ethic is something to admire, though he will never see it that way. It's just natural to him and honestly, vacations longer than two weeks would only bore him. Stemming from a family of architects, the interior business feels like home. He is the fourth generation to do his part. Koen takes care of all external sales, grabs the entire stack of Frankly sample boxes and goes out in the field. He knows the brand inside out, and is driven to complete each project to the fullest. A little bit impatient maybe, but that’s something we gladly forgive him.

Feel free to contact Koen, he will have you sorted.

Send Koen a message: [email protected]