Noor is calm, collected and doesn’t let anything phase her. This girl is cool. That's without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind when you meet her. Maybe her calm demeanour has to do with being born and raised in downtown Amsterdam. Even in the midst of chaos Noor simply keeps it moving. Pretty suitable characteristics for her function, because Noor handles all financial matters for Frankly Amsterdam. She does a quick math and makes sure the outcome is correct.

Being one of the youngsters in the team doesn’t stop her either. She often proves us that age is just a number. Noor is quiet but speaks her mind when needed. She makes sure we listen to her in the most charming way possible. Funny and down to earth. Noor enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Good food, good company, a bit of sunlight. She doesn’t need much. Her contribution to the team is natural and significant from the get go. She is one of those people you can always have around.⁠

Feel free to contact Noor, she will reply in no time.

Send Noor a message: [email protected]