All our products are made with care and attention.
In order to keep them as beautiful as they are, please mind the following care instructions.
If you have any specific question, please feel free to contact us!
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We advise you to vacuum the the carpet once or twice a week for domestic applications and light use areas. For commercial applications and heavier traffic use, daily vacuuming is advised to reduce the presence and buildup of loose dirt particles.

For flat weave carpets use a suction only vacuum to prevent distortion or pilling of the carpet surface. Do not use the brush or beater bar. While vacuuming, the starting point should be varied each time to make sure that the carpet is not always brushed in the same direction.


Wet stains need to be removed immediately, before the yarn absorbs the fluid. Absorb the stain using a strong absorbing paper (like kitchen paper) or clean towel.


Light stains can be treated with JAMES cleaning agents, which have been tested on our products. Please follow the instructions of the JAMES staindisc, also shown on our site. We can not guarantee safe use of cleaning agents by any other brand, since they have not been tested.


In case of heavy staining or transferred dirt, we advise you to always have your rug cleaned by a specialist in rug cleaning.


High traffic area stains from castor wheels, luggage and service trollies may result in rubber transfer markings. Rubber markings may become sticky or attract dirt from foot and wheeled traffic builds up on the original stain. Remove rubber from the fibers using an approved gel type solvent. The treated area must be thoroughly rinsed out otherwise any remaining residue will continue to attract dirt.


To avoid the carpet getting moldy while using outdoor, hang or lay down the rug in sunlight on a clean surface. 


When you storage the outdoor carpet (during cold or rainy seasons) it must be cleaned properly first. Roll up the carpet on a tube, wrap it in plastic and secure it with tape. Never fold the carpet while storing it.


When cleaning with bleach, gently rub a water dilated bleach solution on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Don't let the bleach dry. Avoid soaking the carpet with bleach. Wipe off with water and allow to dry before use.

When in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


Contract Frankly Amsterdam



Frankly Amsterdam guarantees its rugs for 2 years of normal use.

All our products are made with care. In case a manufacturing defect escaped our attention,
please inform us within 14 days after delivery and leave the product unused.

Small differences or irregularities in color, weft or size may occur. This is inherent to the use of natural
fibers and has to be accepted when within normal commercial tolerances.

Frankly Amsterdam will not accept any complaint if shading is concerned.



No matter how careful you are, accidents happen.
And carpets as beautiful as these ones deserve the best possible care when this happens.

In case of heavy staining or transferred dirt, we advise you to always have your carpet cleaned
by a specialist.

Light stains can safely be treated with JAMES cleaning agents.
JAMES Water, Stainwonder and Stainspray have been successfully tested on carpets. Information on what agent to use for which specific situation can be found in the JAMES
staindiscs for fresh and persisent stains below.









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